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Better Environment

Our Company

Based on our believe that our company depends on its policy on the sustainability and care of its customers. Our company was launched in 2009 for the purpose of fumigating and pest control also, to light up the way of its customers to provide and secure all their needs from the services of sterilization and pest control with carefully studied prices focusing on quality and performance excellence.

As a result of changes in this field, Gulf Fumigation and Pest Control was one of the first companies to respond to market conditions in a flexible way to save the time, efforts and comfort for its customer. Our company implemented global systems as a system of ISO 9001 ? 2008, the system (IPM) and relies on international companies such as (BASF, UPL, ZAPI, Catch master, Detia Degesch, Brown Y LTD) and many other companies, as the policy of our company that the customers always top priority. In addition to the availability of pesticides, efficient and environmentally-friendly that certified by the Ministry of Health in line with the standards of health and public safety. Therefore, we gained our customers confidence who care to have our services that give them the sense of security..see also >>

Company Certificates

-Approval Certificate by the Maritime Authority of Jordan.

-Approval Certificate by the Department of Public Safety Office of Aqaba.

-Approval Certificate by the Ministry of Agriculture.

-Approval Certificate of approval by the authority of Aqaba Special Economic Zone.

Our Services

Covering all sectors :

- Merchant and Cruise ships

- Cargo containers

- Hotels

- Factories

- Stores and silos

- Banks

- Shops and stores

- Homes

About Insects

Home Pest :

  • Cockroaches
  • Bugs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Flies
  • Mice                                   see also >>

Grain pest:

  • Grain mites
  • Grains butterfly
  • The Mediterranean butterfly
  • Grain beetles                    see also >>