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In our company, we follow the system IPM in pest control, which includes:

  1. Visit the site.
  2. Determining the problem.
  3. Identify the entry points of insects & rodents and the level of cleanliness.
  4. Close these points and improve the cleanliness.
  5. Chemical and non-chemical treatments.

All sites that we process have to apply the amendments in order to get the best results as soon as possible, these amendments are:

  1. Cover the manhole and the sewerage systems.
  2. Treat all the cracks in the walls and close them.
  3. Treat all the contact points between the pipes.
  4. Close all of the opening ceilings.
  5. Close the windows.
  6. Close the bottom of the door by rubber.
  7. Isolate the garbage dump away from the region.
  8. Put screens for the vent pipes of the water and manholes.
  9. Evaluation of all the devices used for UV.

Note: Each site processed by our company will get a health certificate reports the success in the IPM program in order to maintain the health and cleanliness of the site.

Rodents control:

Includes mice and rats.

It will be processed by using more than 11 different system and materials for rodents, including:

  1. Using pellets or crushed materials in the internal sites.
  2. All panels are in plastic boxes Bait station.
  3. Wax blocks in different sizes that are water resistance and characterized by its flexibility and the possibility to be linked by metal wires.
  4. Using adhesives with different sizes.

Damages caused by rodents:

  1. Destroy all food and agricultural and industrial products, in addition to eating furniture, wood, metals and clothes.
  2. Causing many diseases, such as: plague and typhus.
  3. Eating telephone and electrical cables and cause damages in the site.

Note: Rodents can be found in food stores and any site in which there is food, water and humidity.

Insects control:

This includes different kinds of cockroaches American and German, ants and beetles.

Places that expected to find such insects there:

  1. Under the used devices and hidden places.
  2. Suspended ceilings, that the distance between them and the real ones are at least 10 cm.
  3. Behind the storage racks and in the stores.
  4. Maintenance rooms and machines.
  5. Bathrooms and kitchens.
  6. Food processing places, especially under and behind the counter and devices.

Methods used to treat these insects, inside and outside the sites:

  1. Liquid spraying.
  2. Use the gel as an alternative to spraying using the gel gun.
  3. Use the powder for the manhole and other sites.
  4. Treat the large gaps using CYCLON spiral method.
  5. Mural adhesives for flight insects.

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