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Grain pest:

Grain mites :

The life of mites, especially the rice and store mites is completely similar where the term of one generation is between 4 to 7 weeks, where females lay their eggs in a pits built inside the grain by the mite hose, then it covered by a mucilaginous secrete, the eggs hatch after several days to a legless larvae feed inside the grain and then turn to a virgin inside a cocoon then it begin to create a hole to get out of it as it complete its growth.

Grains butterfly :

This insect is directly after mites in terms of damages to the grain, which affects wheat, barley, oats, rice and corn whether in the field or in the store, also it affects sorghum and dried fruits, where it makes holes in the grain and feed on the starchy materials found inside, leaving a thin lid to exit the completely insect. Infection will be inferred by the existence of the round holes in the grain.

The duration of the larval stage is 5 weeks, and then the larva will spin a silk cocoon inside the bean turns to a virgin, after a period of 20 to 25 days; the butterfly will exit from the hole.

Grain beetles :

The female of this insect lays between 43 - 85 eggs on the food or in the cracks of the wheat and barley. The eggs is small and rectangular hatch after 3 - 15 days to larvae food in the small grains and it moves from one grain to another, after 2 weeks the larvae grow and weaves a cocoon stick to the body of broken grain and then turn into a virgin inside the cocoon

Because of the danger and sever damage caused by this insect we have to take appropriate action to carry out control operations and get rid of this insect as soon as possible in order to avoid aggravation of the infection and control it by the latest scientific method available to the specialized company.

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